How NOT to talk about Social Justice in the Church

I wanted to post and comment on an excerpt of a new statement published by various evangelical leaders. Unfortunately it includes some highly problematic language worth drawing attention to, as highlighted below:

WE AFFIRM that some cultures operate on assumptions that are inherently better than those of other cultures because of the biblical truths that inform those worldviews that have produced these distinct assumptions. Those elements of a given culture that reflect divine revelation should be celebrated and promoted. But the various cultures out of which we have been called all have features that are worldly and sinful—and therefore those sinful features should be repudiated for the honor of Christ. We affirm that whatever evil influences to which we have been subjected via our culture can be—and must be—overcome through conversion and the training of both mind and heart through biblical truth.

From the new SJ&G.

I made the first line above bold to set it apart. After reading it, it is easy to understand why I keep hearing that the evangelical church is a driving force for white supremacy in the world today. Make no mistake, white supremacy is definitely propagated when a group of predominantly white men presume that their culture is “inherently better.” It’s no wonder I keep reading about minorities leaving the evangelical church.

Because of what is said above I would strongly discourage anyone from signing this highly problematic statement, irregardless of other things it says that you might agree with.

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