Resources You Should Check Out

If you are passionate about the same topics I am…

I don’t post often. I have found engaging on social media frankly isn’t helpful beyond life catch-up with family and friends. I thought I’d break that “don’t post anything but brief family updates a couple times a year” rule with a brief reflection and list of resources.

A number of years ago I remember looking at my bookshelf and scanning through the titles when a pattern jumped out: white dude, white dude, really old white dude, and so on. You can imagine how the pattern probably continued. As my bookshelf is focused on what I am passionate about - theology, mission and ecclesiology - I found this to be quite disappointing as a healthy majority of the world isn’t American or European or anywhere close to “white”. But it is incredibly important to read, understand and learn from a wide variety of perspectives even if you might not agree with everything they have to say. This is particular true for a topic like faith where so much culture tends to get added to the heart of the matter, thereby masking what is really important. So I got intentional about trying to find resources from people of color that might have different and important understandings of the things I am passionate about. I wanted to highlight some of the more significant voices I have stumbled on that should be read, followed and paid attention to in this theological space. If you are passionate about these things, please check these voices out. I’m not going to give a lot of commentary about each but rather encourage you to go out and explore them for yourself)

Important note: I wish there were more females on this list. Also don’t consider this to be an exhaustive list as it certainly is not yet that. Please feel free to give suggestions to grow it.

Brandon Jones @mbjones